The Safety Pad


The Safety Pad is a child safety program developed by two educators from the Broome County area. The goal of the program is to provide a safe harbor for children to go if they feel lost or threatened. The Safety Pad has been associated with the Spiedie Fest for the last 11 years and we consider the program a vital part of every festival. We thank them for helping to keep our children safe.

At this year's Spiedie Fest, the Safety Pad will have a tent at both entrances to the park as well as a location in the center of the park. Please review these locations with your children. We will also have a mobile Safety Pad that will travel throughout the park between pad locations. Our logo is a frog with a lily pad named Wolly Pog. Please familiarize your children with Wolly Pog so that they will recognize him when you arrive at the festival.

If you are bringing a child to the event please make sure you pick up and fill out an ID tag and a What My Child is Wearing form for your child. These are available at both entrances to the park. Volunteers from UHS will be handing out the tags & forms and will be happy to assist you in filling them out.  THERE IS NO COST FOR THIS SERVICE

If your child becomes separated from you at the festival, he/she should go to a Safety Pad location or the mobile unit- just remind them to look for Wolly Pog. Any child who is lost will be taken to the central location by a Safety Pad volunteer or security personnel. The child will be kept at the location until the person who filled out the ID card arrives. A security person will be present for reunification to verify ID. 

If you become separated from your child, go to the nearest Safety Pad location. Security and all Safety pad locations will be immediately notified with a description of your child and the last place you saw him/her. 

The Safety Pad is not just for children. Let the people you come with know that if you become separated, the center location is a great meeting place. We are at the event to help and to provide an extra layer of security for the young, the elderly, and everyone in between.

The Southern Tier Breastfeeding Coalition, a not for profit organization of area Lactation Consultants, health care professionals, and breast feeding advocates will host a "Nursing Mother's Rest Area & Diaper Changing Station" again this year. Breast feeding information & support will be provided during all 3 days. Diapers have been donated by Toys R Us, UHS Hospital and Wal-Mart. Free bottled water will be available for breast feeding moms along with comfortable seating in a private setting. Come out and help us celebrate World Breast Feeding Week the theme of which is "Breastfeeding- Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies."

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